What Does Having a Brand Do For You?

Frequently in the marketing world, you read about branding. If you do any kind of research you will come across the idea that you have a brand whether you want to or not, and the choice is really whether you want to actively steer your brand, or if you would rather let the chips fall where they may with your business’s public persona. Rather than focusing on the ramifications of not actively branding your business, let’s talk about what branding can actually do for you and your business. Perhaps this line of thought will even provide some clarity about what your brand is/should be.

1) Brands deliver a message

Why are you in business? Your brand has the power to basically tell potential customers what your company stands for. Obviously, there are lots of ways of showcasing the message, but as a business owner, it is important to be able to answer this question.

2) Brands motivate people to buy

If a potential customer relates to your message, they are more likely to purchase a product or service from you. They are also more likely to associate socially with your business and think of you when they make future purchasing decisions. Maybe they will even recommend you to a friend.

3) Brands make you credible

Having a clear branding message makes you a credible business owner. It shows that you have done the necessary leg work that is takes to succeed and gives people confidence in your longevity as a business.

4) Brands create customer loyalty

As mentioned previously, you want former customers to become repeat customers. A returning customer or a referral from a past client is gold. Ask anyone who has been in business more than the 3-4 years what it takes for a business to be established. Word of mouth advertising is the most effective marketing strategy there is. Having a solid brand makes communication about your business so much easier!