Web Maintenance


Web Maintenance

The goal for us to help businesses use a WordPress website is to encourage self sufficiency.  Having that internal peace of mind gives you back control. The work of website maintenance can be done all in-house.

WordPress makes it easier to manage, but we understand it’s easy not to do either. The choice is yours. Therefore, we’re happy to service you in area as well.

Enjoy the BENEFITS

We CAN Update Plug-Ins

We CAN Post a Blog

We CAN Change out Pics

We CAN Update Keywords

Save Your Time

We'll Handle It

FOCUS on Your Business

Tune-Up Your

To start your web maintenance, we’ll want to meetup and chat with you about your needs. This can be a month-by-month package, or you can do a prepaid plan. We just want to help you be successful. So what are you waiting for, let’s get started.