The Invisible Disruptor COVID-19

After having so much going on with COVID-19, I wanted to bookmark this timepoint in our podcast history. This is a significant point in our world history, so I’d be remiss if I’d carry on as usual. The picture of Mark Cuban (via Uproxx) of him finding out the NBA league regular season was suspended is the perfect example of how a lot of people feel.

Since I did this podcast with only a few moments before I typically publish, my goal was to let you know this is a disruption and not panic. Our industries are well equipped to continue to take care of our basic needs, but what we don’t have is a vaccination.

This invisible disruption is critical to note because serious moves are being made to minimize the spread of disease and to continue the bull market we had for the last 11 years.

Be Proactive

If you’re healthy and want to help, go out there and make some social good happen. The disruption doesn’t have to disrupt your life. Our communities need a lot of help. 

Steph Curry and his nonprofit is going out into Oakland and is helping his community. Due to the K-12 schools shutting down, we have some kids who need food and activities. Check out what Steph and his foundation doing:

As mentioned in the podcast, Kevin Love is giving back to his own supporting cast in Cleveland. He pledged $100k to his foundation to help the stadium’s hourly employees. I believe he was the first NBA player to act. Check out Kevin and his foundation:

We all can do some sort of social good.

Take Care of Yourself

One thing I didn’t emphasize enough in the podcast, please take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are or not a vulnerable population, please take care of yourself. Continue to enjoy each other. Even if you have to quarantine, don’t isolate yourself from family and friends. 

We’re all in this together. We’ll get this through this together.

Also, don’t forget to smile!

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