Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are everywhere. Companies use them for good reasons, but not all understand a campaign’s value. Fast food chain companies are probably the best example with the method of using LTOs (aka, limited time offer) campaigns to stay fresh in people’s mind with new offers.

Some of the best marketing campaigns are leading up to a big event. From the Super Bowl to Christmas, marketing departments provide multiple ways to see the message. As you may have received postcards, mobile alerts, Facebook ads, or seen a billboard, we as marketers want you to see what’s happening.

Just remember, marketing is a long term investment in your brand.

12-Month Commitment$2,500 Per Month


This service is for our serious marketing clients. If that’s you, awesome- let’s go! For the next journey of increasing the company’s brand equity, it’s time to make your brand work for you as the business owner.

To double check, here are some elements you need to be ready for:

  • a 4-person dedicated team executing on the goal(s);
  • an idea of measurement trackers for success;
  • a successful product or service consumers want;
  • please know your defined avatar(s);
  • a good sensical timeline; and
  • to know which distribution methods worked best.

If you’re a go, let’s get started!

Still unsure of what a Marketing Campaign?

It’s a concerted effort from all the departments to drive more sales by increasing additional customers and customer loyalty.

That’s a great question. Most marketing campaigns have several moving parts requiring multiple experts to achieve the goals set by the company’s key lead decision makers.

When you’ve hit a peak of success with your marketing. Don’t wait until there’s no activity. Stay pro-active or else you might need to give your marketing CPR.

The best indicator of knowing you need a marketing campaign is if you’re not able to fully get your message to the right audience and see results, which means you need help. Ultimately, if you need a specific set of results that you aren’t currently seeing – then that’s when you know you need help.

Any company that is ready to grow but doesn’t have the capacity to do it on their own.

Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are intense proactive efforts to achieve a company’s desired goal.

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Brand Kickstart

This service is for our marketing clients on a budget for SEM (aka, search engine marketing).

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