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Our hosting and templates are only for WordPress powered by WP Engine. In our opinion, this is the best open-source platform to give the webmasters the most control of the site. As the webmaster, the user can choose from different theme templates and plugins.

WordPress offers plenty of options, such as:

  • affordable rates for additional services
  • a cms (content management system) platform geared towards the user generating content
  • user-friendly system to learn at one’s pace
  • can be scaled to take online payments
  • plugin availability to improve functionality and usability

DISCLAIMER: If this is your first site, this can be quite an undertaking. There’s a ton of information out there to learn, but there are other sites to get you started. We don’t want you to be frustrated, because building a website is never done. From our experience, it’s hard to stop working on our site. The possibilities are endless.


To launch a website, you need two core items. Those two items are a domain and hosting. As a local agency in Vancouver, WA, we can walk you through this entire process or you can do it yourself.

What is Website Hosting?

Every website is being projected to the world wide web (aka, www) from countless of files arranged within a server. The server connects to the internet and displays the files called your website. Here’s an article David wrote on how to choose the right hosting provider.

What is a Domain?

The domain is the internet address (aka, IP address) where your website lives on the world wide web as it is the forward-facing arrangement files aligned with a server. In other words, it simplifies all the numbers defined as the internet protocol address. We believe owning your own domain is a great investment in your brand.

Last Step: Install WordPress

The final step is to install your WordPress shell. Once you’ve completed that, it’s ready to go!

Let's Get Started

For the hosting option, we will manage your domain and DNS settings. Our ‘No-Worry’ process means you don’t have to worry about any detail or intricacy about your domain, hosting, SSL, or etc. We take care of all that with your direction.

If you’re viewing this on your mobile device, we apologize you cannot see our two options. We recommend you go to a desktop or tablet to check it out in more detail. To get started with our hosting plan if you’re on a mobile device, click here.

Our Hosting Option
WordPress Hosting
PREPAID @ $35/mo ($420YR)
  • We do all the work with our ‘no-worry’ process
  • Daily Backups and restore points
  • SSL Certificates available for (e-commerce)
  • Choose from multiple engaging, dynamic and mobile-friendly themes
  • WordPress-Friendly Environment
  • Scalable platform
  • Tech Support Available
Small Business / Personal
DIY WordPress Hosting & Theme
  • Receive a 10% discount
  • Choose the “Startup Package”
  • Easy-to-use user portal to manage WordPress
  • Choose from multiple engaging, dynamic and mobile-friendly themes
  • Worry-Free WordPress Maintenance included
  • Build your site in stages before launch
  • Professional look and feel


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