This is a business group for professionals who desire growth in their career and personal life who are business owners, c-suite executives, or key leaders identifying as a black male (aka, BIPoC which stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color), woman, or veteran. We choose these identifiers because it’s who we are. As the owners, we’re proud to represent and help those who are looking for assistance.

Nathan Webster– a black male and veteran.
Rebekah Dull– woman.

We do not discriminate. This group welcomes all who choose to join. The focus is on building each other’s business while keeping the balance of purpose and reality. It’s undeniable that balance can be difficult no matter which industry, age, race, or region we live in. Nevertheless, we still crave community within both circles of life, professional and personal. 

Our Vision:
To provide the same access to land, labor, capital, knowledge, and entrepreneurial resources as the dominant industry leaders of America’s history.

Our Mission:
To serve all businesses who identify as a non-dominant population with resources to businesses to help their business succeed.

Our Values:
+ we embrace diversity
+ family is Community
+ money doesn’t discriminate, nor should business
+ give more than you take

If you’re looking for us to help you, please identify as an owner, leader, or learner. We currently have limited resources, so help us help you.

To learn more, email us at

Business Listing Site:
Connected in Pacific Northwest

Page Revised on 07/01/2020

Connected FAQ

This will be a 3-in-1 service:
1. LISTING SERVICE for businesses:
2. BUSINESS HUB for business events (i.e., networking and conferences).
3. TECHNICAL RESOURCES for startup development, classes, access to capital, and business assistance.

Nathan says, “I got tired of driving to Portland for all my business. There ae too many of us are out here [in Vancouver] looking to start and grow our business, but it’s hard finding the people who look like us, talk like me, and share the same values.”

Nathan says, “It’s my God-given talent to connect people. I don’t want to get to heaven and tell God I didn’t use my gifts.”

Nathan says, “Anyone can attend, but the focus is on those three group because it’s not the majority of the business community.”

Check back in the latter part of 2020.

Nathan says, “No. It’s about connecting to each other other than work. We no longer need to seperate our lives anymore. This is the 21st century- let’s learn how to bring a better balance to life.”