The Idea, Inc

The Idea, Inc
September 2015
WordPress Design & Development, Content Strategy Development

We were blessed to redesign the website for The Idea, Inc Marketing Agency, located in Florida. They choose a tremendously engaging, dynamic, and colorful WordPress masterpiece. The Founder and CEO, Ebonni Bryant, and her team was awesome to work with via multiple emails, phone calls, and video conferencing.

They were our very first client. They taught us so much about how to be a team, to be organized, and how to incorporate different tools. Thank you, Ebonni and team!

The Idea, Inc. Is an implementation agency. We work with people and organizations that have an idea or a project and need structure, a support team, and a plan to make it happen. We, (and by “we” we mean you, too), take that original idea, demonstrate how it can become a reality, and then support the idea from conception to completion.


Client StatusSep 2, 2015 – Oct 13, 2015