American’s Building Community (aka, ABC) Website Build

mobile friendly, donation capable website

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What is ABC?

Americans Building Community facilitates neighborhood revitalization. We empower neighbors to address community challenges by walking alongside them, encouraging and connecting them to resources and helping hands.

ABC furthers community connectedness using the Asset Based Community Development model. We work with those who live, work and play in a particular place to capture and realize their vision by equipping them and mobilizing investments of time, talent, and treasure.

The Problem

The old website for the organization lacked the ability to easily create and share campaigns and events. As a nonprofit, it’s vital to be able to share campaigns and take donations online to get people involved. The content on the old website also did not showcase what the organization does and how they do it.

The Solution

We developed a mobile-friendly website that easily accepted online donations for the nonprofit. There is also a dedicated section to run organizational campaigns to raise funds. The website is also much more clear with the focus being on community involvement, families and youth. Overall, this website works better for this nonprofit because it allows them to raise funds online and showcase their upcoming events in the community.