Clark County Latino Youth Conference

CRM database build

What is the Clark County Latino Youth Conference?

The Clark County Latino Youth Conference (CCLYC) was founded in 2011 and has served over 2,000 youth in the Clark County Washington area. The conference is a yearly event that provides youth with opportunity to explore technical careers and colleges.

The Problem

Each year the conference collects hundreds of contacts from students, teachers, exhibitors to presenters. With years of data and no where to store it the organization was running into issues of tracking the necessary people involved with the organization and conferences. Without a true database, the organization could not track who was involved in past conferences and how many students they have really served.

The Solution

To track all the data that has been collected from the 6 years, we built a custom CRM (customer relationship management) system. In order to track important information such as student contact and presentation proposals, we built custom reports based on the necessary information. These reports now allow the organization to contact individuals and groups of people easily by pulling the reports. For example, CCLYC can now pull a report on students that includes their grade level and school they attend and can track if the student have attended the conference  multiple times.

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