Felida Village

Felida Village

Felida Village
June 2016
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To have earned Felida Village’s business located in Vancouver, WA, for their brand new website was a great blessing for our team. Felida Village is the brainchild, Ron Edwards. Ron and his team built a beautiful facility for all types of businesses in an area that needed commercial space. 

Ron Edwards already had deep connections in the community when he purchased the land to create a business center in the middle of the Felida neighborhood in 2007. In 2015, Felida Village opened its doors to the community with the grand opening of Barre3 and had continued to grow. In addition to the many businesses that have joined the Felida Village team, there are seven apartments which provide live/work opportunities in the community.

Website: http://felidavillage.com

Client StatusJune 26, 2016 – Current