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What is Nature’s Authority?

Nature’s Authority is a local Washington State product based business. Their mission is to provide natural lotions, creams and sales that improve the quality of life by unlocking nature’s healing power. The owner, Mike Torres, has created a special recipe with Arnica being the focus. In his (3) products, he’s helped thousands with pain, healing and feel the difference in health.

The Problem

Under the old website, Nature’s Authority wasn’t able to sell online. The site was becoming a bit old. With new technology and search engine algorithms, an outdated website wasn’t going to allow him grow his business. In addition, Nature’s Authority was having a few issues with the purchasing component of the website and it wasn’t user friendly. Therefore an ecommerce business needed an ecommerce website capable of selling products online.

The Solution

Making money online is the goal for every entrepreneur. Therefore, we wanted Mike to love his site. We developed a completely mobile friendly eCommerce website for Nature’s Authority. His natural healing products can now be bought on his website with just a few clicks. With this new website, the sales have gone up over 15%.

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