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What is The Idea Inc.?

The Idea Inc. is all about bringing your idea to life. They are a team who will stand with you. They are the ones who will support your IDEA. They are the engineers taking your IDEA from the abstract to something tangible.

For you, they set the appointments. Introduce the strategic partners. Find the revenue. Re-think. Re-create. Re-brand.

The Problem

The previous website that The Idea Inc. has outdated and not user friendly. It was hard for a potential client to navigate and understand what the business does. It was also not mobile friendly, meaning that it was not formatted for visitors to easily see on a mobile device. The Idea Inc. needed a complete rebuild!

The Solution

First a foremost, we developed a mobile friendly site with user friendliness in mind. The new website tells the story of what the business does and how it can help you. It was also important for The Idea Inc. to have a page that was dedicated to the idea of the business, told from the perspective of the founder, which was successfully created.



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