In this episode of BIIG Flavor, we stayed local again in Vancouver, WA. As we wanted to support local and businesses we thought were exciting and fun. Why not do a great small business and restaurant we know and love?! Therefore, we chose MADdogs Gourmet Hot Dogs.

The goal of BIIG Flavor is to find local small businesses with a southern style comfort fried chicken within the Vancouver-Portland metro area. BIIG is short for “But is it good?” Flavor.

We’re very familiar with MADdogs because they’ve been clients of ours for years. It’s a go-to spot because their super intentional about the ingredients. The owner, Debbie Hijar, goes to the next level to ensure the food is fun and healthy at the same time. In a way, MADdogs is an oxymoron of fast food.

MADdogs menu has the classic hot dog, but it’s not the standard Oscar Meyer in a package with ketchup and mustard. Debbie takes it to the next level of gourmet. From hot dogs and tater tots, she serves hamburgers, grilled cheese hot dog (Nathan’s favorite), mimosas, chili and much, much more.

It’s not just about the hot dog as you’ll see in the video, Debbie created MADdogs to be a full-service restaurant with catering options, space for parties, and make an impact in Vancouver’s community.

To help with the format and as you follow along, we have three segments. We tried to separate them, but it was too much work. As foodies, we just wanna eat and enjoy the food.

Video Film & Editing: Lavell Alexander, Elan Motif

MADdogs Gourmet Hot Dogs in Vancouver, WA