In this episode of BIIG Flavor, we stayed local in Vancouver, WA. Our business is located in the ‘Couve, but a lot of the bigger and more well-known restaurants are in Portland, OR so we decided to change and support local. Unfortunately, the #1 hit for fried chicken was Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The goal of BIIG Flavor is to find local small businesses with a southern style comfort fried chicken within the Vancouver-Portland metro area.¬†BIIG is short for “But is it good?” Flavor.

Therefore, the next search result showed Kooky Chicken to be the next spot for us to dine in. Matter of fact, there’s not a lot of chicken spots. Hence, why we head to Portland restaurants, but we’re not against showing love to our local small business restaurants. This may also result in other food too in the near future.

To help with the format and as you follow along, we have three segments. We tried to separate them, but it was too much work. As foodies, we just wanna eat and enjoy the food.

So here are the segments: 1. first impressions, 2. food quality, and 3. marketing takeaways.

DISCLAIMER: all shots were done with personal devices to keep it real and fun.

Video Editing: Nathan Webster

Kooky Chicken in Vancouver, WA