In this episode of BIIG Flavor, we decided to check out Country Cat. It was a special day because it was Nathan’s birthday, so the weather was gorgeous and glorious. The restaurant wasn’t on the list because finding a good fried chicken spot was getting harder.

So, we wanted to keep it super simple and ask the main question. Hence, why we named our project show. Well, we didn’t brainstorm too long on it.

BIIG is short for “But is it good?” Flavor.

To help with the format and as you follow along, we have three segments. We tried to separate them, but it was too much work. As foodies, we just wanna eat and enjoy the food.

So here are the segments: 1. first impressions, 2. food quality, and 3. marketing takeaways.

Happy Birthday Nathan!

DISCLAIMER: all shots were done with personal devices to keep it real and fun.

Video Editing: Matthew Webster

Country Cat in Portland, OR