Capacity Building

A very common term in the nonprofit sector, but it relates to all businesses. It’s a theme of, “We’re All In.” Everyone is committed to achieving the organization’s vision by utilizing every available resource possible for the succession of the business.

Lead Generation

The days of having a product or service always in-demand are long gone. To have the “town’s blacksmith and seamstress” went away when manufacturing could produce our current economy of mass customization. When companies like Apple create a ‘supply and demand’ for a mobile phone, the trend has been set. Customers will expect it all the time.

Creating a loyal customer base takes time, hard work and superior quality. The good ol school strategy of depending on foot traffic no longer suffices. Customers are much smarter, while they search a good deal. The strategy of luring customers with scarcity and impulse opportunities has been exposed.

Lead Generation consulting creates a clear strategy of how to build a customer base. In the marketing world, the term is called a “sales pipeline.” NW & Associates wants to help with this endeavor. Their tools, expertise and competitive nature will give you the edge needed to succeed.

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Nonprofit Consulting

Every nonprofit is different. There is no cookie-cutter approach. Out of experience, Nathan has maintained the growth of his organization in difficult economic changing times. He learned out of necessity lean management, donor database management, branding and online reputation management. As a team, NW & Associates knows firsthand how to grow something out of nothing.

If you’re reading this, you must be in need of our help. Nonprofit consultants are hard to come by. Finding “the right” consultant can be even harder. From creating metrics, running events, program development to achieving outcomes, success isn’t a stranger to these two passionate hard-working individuals.

This team knows you need to make money. If you wanna grow, your income needs to grow. Nonprofits aren’t excluded from creating a sales pipeline either. Capacity building consulting is for the organization ready to go to the next level.

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Now, don’t start the conversation with “nonprofits don’t have any money to spend on training.” Foundations fund capacity building all the time. You just have to find the right one who supports these efforts. Our prices our affordable, have payment plans and understand you have a budget. Stop procrastinating and hit that button below.