Make $100k without a College Degree

On January 1, 2020, I have a chance to sit down and interview a driven and passionate individual. Her name was Blaire G Hervey. I met Blaire via LinkedIn a couple of months prior, and we hit it off in my opinion like we were long-lost cousins.

Iron Sharpens Iron

We sat down for the podcast interview, which was our second time meeting, and it clicked as if we picked up where we left off the last time we met. When Blaire started talking about the interview questions, I realized she and I would be doing several more episodes, because there’s not enough time to pack all of her diamonds in one podcast. 

Blaire’s attitude was infectious.

She possesses a mentality that nothing will hold her back, keep her down, or stand in her way.

Blaire glowed with determination. 

[I always love it when I can say “Fail Forward” with people and they immediately get it. Blaire got it.]

For the podcast, this was the first time we focused on helping anyone make a specific amount of money. The goal of the podcast has never been about money, but we can’t live without it either. As social entrepreneurs doing social good, I realize we as a collective can focus too much on the purpose of the organization rather than the profits, so it was good to balance it out hence, why Blaire’s episode was so powerful.

Blaire G. Hervey

Blaire’s story, just like many others, or one can fall in love with because they can identify it as her own. Her story isn’t only about ‘hard work’ or ‘hustling’ to her next opportunity.

So when she told me the title of her show would be, “Make $100k without a College Degree,” I was like, “this is going to be good.”

Making $100,000 without a degree is mind-blowing for any hard-working blue-collar worker. To make six figures without a degree isn’t what’s promoted in society, so this episode is one of my favorites. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. 

I take my hat off to Blaire and all that she had to accomplish. However, I believe she’s going to earn way more than $100k because she doesn’t settle in mediocrity.

She walks in excellency. 

I’m looking for my great conversations with this gamechanger. 

Host: Nathan WebsterNW & Associates, LLC (aka, Mr. Social Entrepreneur)
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Enjoy the show!

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