3 Tips For Reaching Your Audience

There is a lot of buzz right now about content creation and reaching your audience. This is especially true with the changes to many social media advertising policies and algorithms occurring this past year. Native content and organic shares are becoming more important than ever. The way to get those shares is to appeal to your audience; your unique audience. If you haven’t worked on discovering your ideal client and creating customer avatar, get crackin’ on that. If you have, here are some tips for creating content that reaches your tribe:

1. Imagine a single person
Anytime you write something, make a video, or create graphic content imagine you are making it for a singular person. This can be an actual client of yours or a made-up avatar. This method makes everyone who views your content feel spoken to.

2. Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable
Again, there is a lot of buzz about this nowadays, but authenticity and vulnerability go hand in hand when it comes to content. Nobody wants to read fakey advertising jargon.

3. Don’t be manipulative
This is the other side of the vulnerability coin. Your motivation behind your content (or vulnerable share) must come from a place of genuine sharing. If you are just doing it to get sales, it won’t work. People can smell it. Think of your content as a gift to your followers/community. Sales come from relationships. Content is a good way to start building those virtually.