How to Create an Impulse Product

How to Create an Impulse Product

Living in America gives us as the producer/seller the best advantage in the world. because we live in a capitalistic society. In our everyday travels, the “impulse shopper” peruses through the store to kill time every day of the year. The best one is the shopper in line in between the Snickers and Coke-a-Cola.

Typically, that one shopper is me.

I will get that Snickers in a heartbeat.

However, we all have our weakness for impulse buys. I’m a sweet tooth. I don’t do clothes, cars, or jewelry. But I know folks who do.

From a business perspective, we need to use our weakness as a strength. If we know the certain things we can’t keep in the walk more than a couple of times (cakes, cookies, and candy for me) before we cave in and buy them, why can’t we do it for our business?

We can. The only requirement is to follow the (4) rules.

Here are they are:
1. Have Value
2. [listen to the podcast]
3. No Education Required
4. [listen to the podcast]

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