What to Do on Mondays

What to Do on Mondays

After a great weekend, Monday is the inevitable event that occurs. No escaping it and boy ol’ boy, there are some of you out there that hate it with a passion. I’m not calling out any names (in my sarcastic voice), but you know who you are. Lol!

In this podcast episode, I cover my routine on a very important day. Monday doesn’t receive the recognition it duly deserves. Without getting in a debate about the first day of the week, I believe it sets the precedent to the week.

Your activity on Monday is the foundation for everything.

If we go in the understanding Monday’s purpose, maybe our feet wouldn’t drag through it so much. However, I could be wrong. We all have different peaks and lows in our schedule, so I’d love to hear from you. After you listen to the podcast, hit me up and let me know your routine to stay focused.

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