Market Your Authenticity Without Selling Out

As a basic rule in marketing, using your authentic voice to promote your authentic brand is the best course of action. Vulnerable posts, even controversial posts, usually see the most engagement on social media. I think we all know that some people take it too far, however, and appear desperate to sell and willing to do or say anything to make a sale. These are the people that are selling out their authenticity, arguably pretending to be authentic.

Perhaps trying to sound vulnerable and controversial without really meaning it. This can be a fine line. For example, maybe you truly believe there isn’t a person on the planet who cannot benefit from your services but saying so as a marketing ploy comes off disingenuous. As a simple guideline try to avoid words like ‘everyone’ and ‘always’ and even ‘best’ in your marketing material. If you do use those words, make sure you mean it and can back up the claim. And even if you can, know that some people will be turned off anyway.

Here are 3 cues that your marketing needs to explore authenticity:

1. You are promoting a product or service just for money, but would never really use it.
Money can be a huge driving force, and people compromise on the bottom line all the time. This is not a judgment on that fact, but if that compromise is showing up in your marketing material, people will smell it.

2. You claim to be the perfect solution for everyone and everything.
Think about this critically. Are your really everyone’s solution? Can you think of one person on the face of the planet that might not be your perfect customer? The more honed in you are to your brand and your ideal client, the less of an issue this will be. If you have a lot of this type of “I’m the best” marketing, go back to looking at your brand.

3. You are trying to scare people into using your service or product.
“All your neighbors are doing it! Don’t you want to fit in?” or worse “Don’t be a victim! Buy this thing!” These types of old-fashioned bandwagon don’t work. Focus on what brings you and others joy in your marketing approach and you will attract your ideal client much better.