Guest Speaker: Ryan Moor Changing the T-Shirt Game

Ryan’s Summary Bio:

One day after school, in the spring of 1999, Ryan Moor screen printed his first shirt to help promote his band. At the time Ryan didn’t imagine that screen printing punk rock t-shirts would lead down a path that would create amazing opportunity, supply knowledge, provide jobs and start businesses.

Near the end of high school Ryan became heavily involved in music with his pop-punk band. His entrepreneurial spirit lead them to start recording albums and landing gigs all while still in high school. After a short stint in Jr. college Ryan decided that the university of rock and roll was more attractive and hit the road touring and recording with his band. Their music dreams continued to be funded by printing band t-shirts, cd sales and odd job services. These profitable ventures allowed the band to have the money to go on tour, record and pursue their dream. Eventually, other bands noticed how Ryan was a do-it-yourself entrepreneur and started to ask if they could learn how to print their own t-shirts. Seeing an opportunity, Ryan found a way to fill their need and he put a screen printing kit together to sell on Ebay. With these kits he discovered that many people, not just rock bands, were looking to print t-shirts.

In early May of 2004, the website www.silkscreeningsupplies.com went live and within the first two months website sales combined with Ebay sales reached over twenty thousand dollars. Ryan was able to hire help and quit his part-time odd jobs. By building a team, adding to the website and attending online marketing conferences Ryan’s website www.silkscreeningsupplies.com and the newly formed Ryonet Corporation continued to increase profits each month climaxing at the end of that year with over fifty thousand dollars in monthly revenue.

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