Guest Speaker: Elie Kassab’s Unique and Humble Entrepreneurial Journey

Elie’s Summary Bio:

Elie Kassab moved to the Portland area in 1971 after graduating from The Lebanese University Of Beirut. He came to America on a student visa to further his studies.

When the civil war started in Lebanon in 1974, he had to bring his family to the USA.

Together with his family, he opened Kassab Bros. Jewelers which quickly grew into one of Portland’s top 5 jewelry stores. Elie started dabbling in Real Estate

While still working in his own Jewelry Business in Portland, Prestige Jewelers on 9th & Taylor in Portland.

After moving his own family to Vancouver in 1988,  Elie and his company Prestige Development acquired MJ Murdoch Executive Plaza 1n 1996 located on 8TH & Broadway

In downtown Vancouver and built City Center 12 Cinema which was leased to Regal in 1998.

In 2001 Prestige Development built Sandy Cinema in Sandy, Oregon at the request of the Mayor and City Manager of Sandy. Phase two of the project included

The construction of 3 additional retail buildings adjacent to the Cinema.

In 2003, Prestige built Lewis & Clark Plaza, a 46 unit Affordable Senior Housing building on 7th & Broadway. That building has been 100 % occupied for years, and vacancies fill up very quickly with a long waiting list of potential tenants.

In 2005, Prestige Development built the Gardner Center in Battle Ground, WA again at the request of the then Mayor and one of his Council Members. Two other buildings

Were built at the same time, and eventually, other buildings were added by investors.

In 2006, Murdock Plaza, City Center 12 Cinema, and the Gardner Center were all sold. The Battle Ground Cinema was leased back from the new owners.

In 2007 Independence Cinema, Independence, OR was built again at the request of the City Manager, Mayor, and City Council.

Prestige Development moved its offices from the City Center 12 location to its present headquarters on 13th & D street in Downtown Vancouver.

Prestige Plaza, a 100 unit apartment building was built in 2014 on a full city block bordered by 13, D, C, and Mill Plain Streets. The building was sold in 2015, and we are going

To start construction very soon on Our Heroes Place, a two-building mixed-use project encompassing a 25 unit apartment building on Mill Plain and D, and a 24 unit condominium building on 13th and E.

We have also acquired a 2.65 acre piece of land in NE Vancouver to build another 100 unit residential project.

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