Guest Speaker: Douglas Greene on Being Entrepreneurial

Doug’s Summary Bio:

Douglas C. Greene, inventor and entrepreneur, whose generosity has been recognized by the naming of the Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Southeast Missouri State University (The Greene Center) under Harrison college of Business in April 2016. Greene provided time to interact with students and faculty involved with the college’s academic programming in entrepreneurial studies and tell his story of creativity, innovation and commercialization in bringing to market energy saving products for the home.

Greene’s entrepreneurial mindset was first revealed with the redesign of the bi-fold, glass-door fire screen for gas fireplaces. As the popularity of gas fireplaces increased, Greene devoted his inquisitive mind to the development of wireless, remote controls for gas fireplaces and gas logs. The commercial potential for his innovations led to the founding of SKYTECH, Inc., with the purpose of developing and innovating consumer products using remote control technology. In the end Greene developed more than 25 different remote control systems to retrofit nearly every gas fireplace, gas stove and gas log manufactured in the US, Canada and western Europe.

More recently, an extension of this work led to the development of the AQUA SMART® system; a retrofit device that mounts on top of most 208-240 V electric hot water heaters and allows homeowner to wirelessly control the operation of their electric hot water heater without having to remove the access panels on the water heater and adjust the thermostat dials.

Over his five-day residency, Doug was a guest lecturer in classes covering principles of entrepreneurship, business planning for new ventures, and marketing management. He also participated in a panel discussion covering student perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship that was jointly sponsored by the Greene Center and the Institute for Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The residency concluded with a reception at CATAPULT where graduating seniors involved with one of the numerous entrepreneurial tracks available to for study were recognized. CATAPULT was established to support another of Doug’s dreams, that every student has the opportunity to “cultivate creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship by connecting interdisciplinary teams of students, faculty, and practitioners in a rich array of courses, collaborative projects and competitions, and a commercial learning laboratory that immerses students into the creative entrepreneurship process.”

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