Taking a Consultative Approach to Selling

Taking a Consultative Approach to Selling

Image from Hospital Sales: Selling Smarter by Judy A. Siguaw and David C. Bojanic

The traditional sales process can be difficult and uncomfortable for both the salesperson and the prospect. One of the main reasons that it can be uncomfortable is because of the high pressure to make the sale. The customer feels pressured and the salesperson isn’t confident in making the sale, even when they close.

But that’s even if they close?

Some salespeople even use questionable sales tactics to get to the close. Tradiontially, a salesperson lacked respect for mutual-benefiting relationships and was focused on the close, creating miscommunication and unhappy customers.

It’s not necessarily the best way to sell in the changing business environment and how the market has evolved over time.

Maybe, it’s time to take a new approach to selling.

Taking a Consultative Approach to Selling

A new approach to consider is consultative selling. This is when the needs of the potential customer comes first. A consultative salesperson focuses on building a relationship with the prospect, discovering the needs of the person/company and matching those needs to the services/products offered.

To simplify it, consultative selling is about selling a solution, not a product or service. If you value your customers/clients and want to create a better customer experience, a consultative selling might be for you.

Benefits of a Consultative Sales Approach

  1. Creates a more enjoyable customer experience: when customers feel valued, understood and respected they want to experience a high level of customer service. When customers feel empowered about their purchasing decision, they are likely to be more satisfied with their purchase.
  2. Builds lasting mutually beneficial relationships: as a salesperson, when you put your customers first they notice and appreciate it. With larger sales, customers are more likely to be satisfied if they feel like they are “buying the salesperson” than just a purely transactional purchase of a product or service. Take care of the customer’s needs, and the customer will take care of you.
  3. Avoids common sales mistakes: one of the most common sales mistakes is to go straight for the close. Consultative selling avoids this mistake because it focuses on building a relationship, gathering information (asking questions), which takes time. This type of selling isn’t about making a quick sale, so it avoids the mistake altogether.

What do you think of consultative selling? Do you think it would work within your company and industry?

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Source: Hospitality Sales: Selling Smarter

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