How Communication Really Works

Effective communication is a very important part of successful businesses and relationships. Without “good” communication, businesses can’t run, teams can’t collaborate, and businesses can’t partner. Chaos can fill an organization or group because they aren’t communicating effectively.

What do I mean by “good” or “effective” communication?

The science of communication is a simple process. The communication process starts with encoding, which is when the person speaking (or the messenger) packages the information (along with the meaning) to be sent to the receiver or the recipient. Within the package, there is meaning, which is “the what” to the point of the exchange of information. The receiver then decodes the message, breaking it down and understanding it.

You’ve successfully communicated when you’ve taken a thought, encoded it, sent it to the receiver and the receiver understood your “thought” or message. The goal is for what you meant as the speaker to be what the receiver understood.

Simple right? Not quite.

While the process if simple, it can become complicated. Within the process, there are multiple areas where miscommunication can occur. It can occur if the speaker doesn’t package it in an easy to understand way or when the receiver receives the package but doesn’t properly decode it.

So why is effective communication so important?

  1. It’s important because it’s essential to building and maintaining relationships.
  2. It’s also important because effective communication can build productive teams.
  3. When problems occur, they can be easier to solve because the process of effective communication has already been established.

Rebekah A. Dull, BA
Digital Strategist
Consulting | Marketing | Websites

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