Assessing Your Brand Through Values

Assessing Your Brand Through Values

A re-brand for a business is a big project. That is why many businesses wait far too long before they re-brand, even when it is necessary. There are times when it is completely necessary. For example, perhaps you have been working with a marketing pro and discover that your target market has evolved and you hope to appeal more to your actual audience, or perhaps you simply aren’t receiving a warm response to any of your current marketing efforts.

In either case, whether you have decided to re-brand or not, many people forget the first critical step in branding. It comes in the form of a simple question with a sometimes complicated answer. “Does my business brand align with my personal values?” This is a yes or no questions that begs a deeper question. “What are my personal values?”

There is an art to answering the latter question that calls on a business owner to ask themselves more questions:

What gets me excited?

What can I talk to my friends about for hours on end?

What can I do all day without getting bored?

What is at the core of those things that excite me?

Perhaps the answers to the first three questions are eating great food and having a great conversation, friend’s personal lives, and spending time with close friends. What does that have to do with a business brand? That is where the fourth question comes in. At the core of the aforementioned activities is personal connection, intimacy, enjoyment, and communication.

Those four qualities are your personal values. I guarantee that if you perform that simple exercise and your business branding does not align with and reflect all of those values, your business will not be sustainable and that your branding is inauthentic. Rather than creating branding that you think people want to see, start with your personal values and talk to your audience through that filter. Guaranteed you will see better, more sustainable, and fulfilling results.

I have worked on marketing many different businesses in my 11+ years in the field. Although I have experience with many types of media, my favorite is still the written word. It is exciting that the world of content marketing has helped businesses communicate their passion with words and pictures in a way that clients understand a company before they ever do business! With a keen eye for tone and presentation, I bring creative, goal-orientation, and masterful writing skills to all my projects. In my free time, I love to tackle interior design projects, take long meditative walks, read, and binge watch television series.

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