Managing Page Roles on Facebook

Ever since Facebook was founded in February of 2004, it’s made a huge impact on the world of marketing. Over the years the platform has collected customer data and revamped it’s algorithm so that businesses can reach their desired outcome marketing on the platform.

Facebook is a valuable social marketing tool for businesses and nonprofits. Whether your goal is to raise funds, increase engagement or find new clients, you need to know how to manage your Facebook page roles.

Facebook page roles give you the ability to give several employees or contractors access to your business page without giving everyone admin abilities. For example, a hired company that monitors your Facebook page insights to improve your marketing plan doesn’t need full admin access. This company would just need ‘Analyst’ as their “page role”.

Here are the 6-page roles and what you need to know:

Admin: An Admin role has the most access and authority over the business profile. With this role, you can manage other page roles, create and edit posts, run campaigns, respond to messages and much more. Since Admins have the most access businesses will want to be very careful who they lend this role to.

Editor: An Editor role on Facebook can do just about everything an Admin role can, but they can not edit page roles or give away authority to the page. This means that an editor can create and post content and change company information on the about tab.

Moderator: A Moderator has about half as much authority and access over the business page as an Admin does. They can send messages on the page, respond and delete comments, and remove and ban people. They can also do basic things such as run campaigns and view insights.

Advertiser: An Advertiser is everything your marketing team needs access to. They create and run campaigns, view insights and see who has published posts on the page.

Analyst: An Analyst has very limited access to the page. They can only do two things: view insights and see who has published as the page.

Live Contributor: An live contributor is the most limited role you can assign a user. It does exactly what the name states. A live contributor can go live on the Facebook page.

Assigning a page role to someone on your business page is a big decisions and should be thought through. You don’t want to give an individual too much access, but you don’t want to limit their access either. Facebook gives a great graphically breakdown of the 6 page roles.

Rebekah A. Dull, BA
Digital Strategist
Consulting | Marketing | Websites