Influencer Marketing: A DIY Guide For Beginners

Influencer Marketing is another buzz word in the marketing field. It is a big deal. One way that the digital marketing world has changed traditional advertising is that influencer marketing is now far more accessible than the paid celebrity endorsements that most of us know so well. So what do you do if you can’t afford to hire Samuel L. Jackson to rep your new financial product? Here are four tips to get you started on exploring an influencer marketing campaign.

  1. Discover Your Passion

An Influencer is basically someone with a platform. People listen to her or him. From a marketing perspective, depending on your industry, thought-leaders are some of the most powerful influencers out there. These are people who have a passion, a cause, and something to say about it. They have become famous or popular because of their ideas. So before you set out to explore influencer marketing for your business, ask yourself, what type of people are passionate about what you offer the world? Who do these people pay attention to? Just like in any marketing campaign, understanding your ideal client (target market) is a key first step.

  1. Follow Some of the Big Dogs

Now that you understand who your ideal client is, think about whose work they already follow. As an example, if you work in the content marketing world, there is no doubt that you have heard of Seth Godin. You probably have read at least a couple of his books. You probably follow his daily blog. His ideal client maybe be similar to yours, even if yours is on a smaller scale. If you want to explore influencer marketing in the marketing world (I know this is getting pretty metta), it is a good idea to follow and maybe even start to interact on Seth’s platform.

  1. Become a Thought-Leader, Write or Speak About Your Passion

Maybe you will never have the reach and voice that people like Seth Godin or Elon Musk have. That doesn’t mean you cannot become a thought-leader within your own sphere of influence. Hone in on your favorite topics. Blog about them. Guest write for other people in the industry. Interview people thought leaders that are accessible to you. If you hate writing, start a podcast. You might be surprised how quickly your voice and audience grow when you keep the words and ideas flowing.

  1. Interact with Local Influencers

Other influencers and thought-leaders in your space are not your competition. Trust me. If you feel that way, I suggest ditching that mindset ASAP. There are plenty of fish in the client sea. Find and follow as many local influencers as you can, large scale and small scale. See what happens when you interact with them on their platforms. You might just meet your next referral partner or collaborate with someone wonderful. You also might find someone you would like to hire to endorse your offerings, but that is the not the only way it works. Open your mind. Interact with influencers in your field, and you may discover a growing audience to show for it.