Why You Should Full on “Game of Thrones” Your Business

Game of Thrones is an action-packed hit HBO original series. The show depicts the fight between families, kings, queens and untrustworthy individuals to reach and keep the seat of the king of the 7 kingdoms. Don’t stop reading here. Although this show is mythical with giant dragons and magical powers, your business can learn a thing or two from it. The show offers valuable lessons that any business leader can learn from.

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Why You Should Full on “Game of Thrones” Your Business.

Never Stop Improving

In one point in time, King Robert Baratheon was the most fierce warrior and the greatest leader. As time went on, he became comfortable with his seat on the thrown. He no longer was on his game, on his deathbed his wife did the unthinkable betrayal and his once trusted confidants plotted against him. Lesson: never stop improving your systems, processes, team, and self. In the business world, you will never reach the point of “I made it,” because there’s always someone willing and waiting for the moment to take it away from you.

Keep Loyalty at the Center of Your Business

The entire series, Game of Thrones involves loyalty and the breaking of it. One of the greatest examples is when Shae, Tyrion Lancasters’ “girlfriend” who he loved very much, betrayed him by providing her testimony for the other side while Tyrion was on trial for his life. Lesson: an open honest and loyal environment is critical for the success of a business, especially a small business. Ensure that as the owner and/or manager you’re creating an environment that rewards loyalty and encourages teamwork and inclusiveness.

Always Weigh Your Risks and Rewards

As you’ve heard “the greater the risk, the greater the reward.” In the Game of Thrones world, it either works or goes terribly wrong and gets your entire family killed. Robb Stark, son of Ned Stark didn’t weigh his risks and rewards well when he decided to make a promise to a leader of a kingdom, Walder Frey, and go back on his word for his own reasons. In this case, he got himself and his close loved ones killed. Lesson: it is important to take the time to weigh the risks and rewards of a business decision. You can not make decisions based on emotion or for your own benefit, or ultimately you will kill your business.

Don’t Get Cocky

When you’re King and you aren’t level headed, you tend to get Cocky. King Joffrey was given the position based on his father’s death, so he did not earn. King Joffrey was rude, disrespectful and ultimately evil. He was cocky in the way he treated others terribly, thinking that he was King and there was nothing anyone could do about it. There’s a reason I say “was”. Someone, which is unknown, plotted against him and filled his wine glass with poison and killed him. Lesson: just because you have a high position or own your own business does not give you the right to be cocky and look down on others. As I said before, there is always someone willing and waiting to take it all away from you. You will have ups and downs and get knocked down on your business journey, but what’s important is that you don’t get cocky and that you stay level headed.

Continually Network

Lord Varys is the master networker, but not because he has a privileged status. He worked his way from being a lowborn to being on the Kings counsel because of his reliable network of spies. This network didn’t happen overnight. Lord Varys learned that information is valuable and networking is how you get it. Lesson: if you don’t know, now you do: networking is a must in business. Networking is not just for when you are starting out and need some leads. You must be continually networking, meeting new partners, evaluating competitors and finding new clients.

Following these lessons allows for a solid business and entrepreneurial individual. Using these lessons in your daily business venture is how you can full-on “Game of Thrones” your business for success.

Rebekah A. Dull, BA
Digital Strategist
Consulting | Marketing | Websites

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