So You Want to be a Disruptor? Be Authentic First.

We all admire those people who think outside the box. They always seem to be one step ahead, super creative, and on point with their ideas. We call them disruptors. The execution of their ideas is such that the public stands in awe and buys their vision before it has even come to fruition. What if I told you that you don’t have to be Steve Jobs to be a disruptor? You can be a disruptor in your field, maybe on a small scale at first, simply by being your true authentic self. Sorry if this sounds clich√©, but it is the truth.

From a marketing standpoint, so much content is created by people trying to mimic marketing campaigns that have worked in another context. With all the inspiring material that has already been created, how can we marketers keep it fresh? Figure out the snowflake quality in your client, product, or service. Want to know if you are doing it right? Check and see if you are a little afraid. When you are being authentic, it puts your ego on edge. You suddenly care more about how you are received. If you aren’t a little nervous to hit the post button, let me dare you to rethink your post. Take a risk, it is worth the reward.