What goes on Inside Amazon’s Warehouse?

What goes on Inside Amazon's Warehouse?

What goes on Inside Amazon’s Warehouse?

I like to show this video to my college business 101 students during the logistics and marketing chapters. The book does a decent job talking about process and management structures. However, this Amazon video makes it really simple in less than 5 minutes.

Crazy to think our technology our started out as idea. But yep! That’s all it took for Jeff Bezos. He created this all from scratch. Listen and watch closely about how this was the “first-time” they were given the privilege to shoot. I’ve watched this several times and always learn something new.

Watch the video from a perspective of a consumer. Take notes and then a break. Come back and watch it as a business owner. Here are some questions I wonder:

  • how was the prototype developed?
  • who designed the technology?
  • is there a benchmark company?
  • how long will it take to be completely automated?

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