YNPN Portland w/Megan O’Leary

YNPN Portland w/Megan O’Leary

Finding resources for social entrepreneurs truly excites me more than people realize. Nonprofit business resources are scarce. I had to fight for my resources. There wasn’t any out there, especially locally. One of my first major resources came from a meeting in Washington DC. The trip was paid for with my own personal money when there wasn’t any 501c3 or incorporation status.

Nowadays, the resources are out there but not as accessible because they’re hard to find. The mass marketing dollars go to the biggest buyer. Good thing that’s  not the only way for us to locate quality expertise and knowledge. For example, a few years ago I stumbled into a YNPN (aka Young Nonprofit Professional Network) networking meeting before it “officially” re-formalized.

I was very fortunate to catch up with the YNPN Portland’s President, Megan O’leary, and chatted about what YNPN is all about. In our conversation with Megan, she drops some great insight for up and coming social entrepreneurs. Don’t miss this one, because you can see she also leaves plenty of resources down below.


The following are the resources spoken during the podcast:

OEN: www.oen.org
YNPN Portland: www.ynpnportland.org
Email: megano@oen.org;
Me: www.linkedin.com/in/meganaoleary; https://branded.me/megan-oleary
Idealist: www.idealist.org
Mac’s List: www.macslist.org

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