I Can Help Your Business

I Can Help Your Business

I Can Help Your Business

Yes, I can help your business. You probably want to know how. Right? Simple, it starts with you.

Throughout my life, I’ve desired to help people in their circumstances. I fought this calling on my life for years, maybe even a decade or two. My path was going to lead to this either sooner or later. Your path is no different. My gift is to show and lead you on your path of greatness.

I’ve learned through my own trials and successes what works and what doesn’t. My path includes nonprofit, faith-based, for-profit, education and government. My resume is a smorgasbord of various industries and job descriptions. I used to be embarrassed because my ‘master resume’ is (5) pages long. Depending on whom is requesting the resume, I cut and paste onto a new resume for that requester.

To keep it really simple. I want you to be successful. Ultimately, I can help you because I’m passionate about helping.

My Resume

I’m a visionary leader with multi-dimensional experience in community development, management, leadership, and education. Gifted skills in developing curriculum, operational management, business communications, technology, and marketing. A successful track record established encouraging all backgrounds and professions.

Being that resume starts with credentials, my formal education is listed. However, my informal education started with the U.S. Marine Corps in 1996. As my drill instructors would say, “dirt builds character.” Therefore, my grit and determination to complete these degrees kept me ‘dirty’ with becoming the social entrepreneur I am today. Here is my education credentials:

  • MBA; Operations Management; May 2009
  • BA; Public Affairs; May 2007
  • AA; General; December 2004

I won’t bore you with any of the other credentials. They can go on for many pages. Lol! However, I want you to hire me because you can trust me with helping grow and sustain your business. Your success is important to me. My satisfaction is to see you have those ‘Aha’ moments that take you to that next level.

Our Success Story

Initially, obtaining clients was hard. I was focused on the business rather than the relationship. Our focus here at NW & Associates, LLC is about taking care of our family members, so we started to target businesses we cared about and considered an extention of our family. The value we bring to the table was most appreciated by those who knew our accomplishments. Therefore, created a succeful marketing strategy with those who knew, liked and trusted us.

After a few months in business, we’ve started conducting “Turn it Around Tuesdays” on YouTube for those considering us but didn’t know us. The videos are a quick snapshot of different professional hurdles we’ve overcome. They’re produced by us inserting our fun and entertaining charisma. We have them on our channel, but Rebekah and I have blogged about them too. If you haven’t already watched one, here’s one of my faves below.

Turn it Around Tuesday (TiAT)

But I like to have fun too, so here’s one my favorite “Friday Fun Fact” videos as well. The videos are what we consider a cool little fun fact about ourselves. They’re not too personal. However, the ‘fun facts’ are personal to where we’ve received a lot of great feedback. Enjoy!

To conclude, this has helped others learn more of our business. Our business model supports any organization. We specialize in website builds via WordPress, social media marketing, and consulting. Let us help you build your business.

Friday Fun Facts (FFF)

I write this because my business is personal because this service is for the advancement of all humanity. My failures and successes are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA
Business Strategist
Consulting | Social Media | Web Design

I was born, raised and currently residing in Vancouver, WA. Grateful to have an entrepreneurial life that allows me to use my God-given talents to help others pursue their passion. I'm blessed to be educated (MBA-Operations) veteran (US Marine Corps) who enjoys the community with all my family members (blood and adopted).

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