Homeless in Vancouver, WA

Homeless in Vancouver, WA

Homeless in Vancouver, WA

Homelessness is a serious issue in Vancouver, WA. I understand that some citizens don’t know this, or some may even be in denial of it, but it’s happening right in our own town. Homeless camps and homeless sites on the streets of Vancouver. Here is one of the most recent articles on the update on homelessness in Vancouver, WA from the Columbian: Homeless Camps Near Share House Cleaned Up. 

As a small business, and as two children of God, Nathan and I have started our own movement in the Vancouver, WA area hoping to inspire others to make a difference in the community: DIY Helping Homeless.  I know you might be saying “I can’t help, I don’t have _____”, fill in the blank yourself. My excuse used to be I don’t have the money to make a difference. But truly, that was just an excuse to cover the real excuse.

I honestly was too scared. What if they don’t want me there? What if they don’t want my help? What if what I have to give isn’t or won’t be enough for them? They didn’t reject Nathan from the very first time he came.

I was proven completely wrong. And each time I feed the homeless I continue to be proven wrong. They are extremely grateful of the little impact that we make once a month. On the third Wednesday of every month we provide a meal to the homeless in the King St. and 12th St. area of Vancouver. Here is another blog and video on DIY Helping Homeless. If you’d like to get involved, you can join us or create your own time and group when you help our homeless brothers and sisters.


To learn more about Homeless Youth specifically, visit Rawhides website and blog “Homeless Youth: America’s Hidden Population”.

Here is some more reads about homelessness and affordable housing in our area:

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