FFF- I Love Clark College

Yes, it’s true. I love Clark College. As a first generation student getting a degree, not a certificate (proud of you mom!), I find Clark College to be a great starting point. The campus seems intimidating at first, but after yo’ve been there a couple quarters it begins to feel like a small campus.

While there are thousands of students who attend there every year, Clark College’s diversity of age, race, and gender is wide spread. The typical student that attends is 18-24 and then leading behind that is 25-64. There is even 1% that is above the age of 64. I find that so cool! That’s one of the most valuable things I have learned at Clark. You can get your education at anytime. Do no let your age stop you.

If you’re in Southwest Washington I encourage you to check them out and seem what they have to offer you. Maybe it’s time for you to go back to school?

Source: UsNews.com

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