Agent of Change with Professor Sarah Chivers

Agent of Change with Professor Sarah Chivers

For this edition of Social Entrepreneur with Nathan A Webster, I’m excited to introduce my guest Dr. Sarah Chivers. My guest was one of my first professors at Washington State University Vancouver. As she blessed me with learning how to achieve another level in academia, Sarah also blessed me with vision to become an agent of change.

I was already creating Dream Big Community Center, but she helped affirm my calling. Her passion was contagious. I’m happy I was able to bring some of that passion to the show. In this podcast, we talk about being an agent of change. We even draw a clear distinction between a social entrepreneur and an agent of change.

Some of the resources discussed are the following:
WSU Vancouver Library – https://library.vancouver.wsu.edu/
Vancouver Library – http://www.fvrl.org/

BE More, DO More, LIVE More

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For all my leaders and social entrepreneurs, continue the grind. Your community needs your contribution of greatness. Dream big all day, everyday.

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Dream Big and Godspeed.

I was born, raised and currently residing in Vancouver, WA. Grateful to have an entrepreneurial life that allows me to use my God-given talents to help others pursue their passion. I'm blessed to be educated (MBA-Operations) veteran (US Marine Corps) who enjoys the community with all my family members (blood and adopted).