Businesses are Failing with Social Media

Businesses are Failing with Social Media

I don’t understand the disconnect why companies have social media accounts when they don’t respond. What’s the point in having a Facebook or a Twitter account if you’re not using it correctly (yes, it’s not a question). It’s for your consumer. This is where businesses are failing with social media and need to immediately correct this issue. Big businesses may get a pass for now, but small businesses cannot make this mistake.

My example with Toyota, Honda and Chevrolet is the perfect illustration. See my tweets with this image. In my opinion, my Twitter exchange with Toyota is awesome. But where’s Honda and Chevrolet? Don’t they care about earning a new customer? Since my current vehicle is a Toyota Camry–which has been very solid with no issues–I’m pretty satisfied with them. These other competitors must not want my business.

Attention to all small businesses, don’t do this at home. Chevrolet and Honda completely misses the bullseye. They provide a good example of what not to do when dealing with social media.

Engage and Interact

As a small business and entrepreneurs, you have to engage and interact with your consumer base. Interaction is non-negotiable. It’s a must. Social media is the easiest and cheapest marketing channel for any organization. The reach is far and gives opportunity to scale.

This is basic marketing. Marketing is understanding how to communicate with your target market. Every great brand speaks the language of interest and engagement to their consumer base.

The conversation is relevant. If a comment is made, a response is done in a timely manner. When there’s no response, customer service suffers which results in lack of sales which is the antithesis of marketing.

Ron Tonkin Toyota and Toyota USA responded to my post. Why? They saw the opportunity for them to make a sale. Sadly, the local dealerships didn’t respond. So on this hot day of almost 100 degrees even when I test drove the vehicle declaring I’m shopping and not ready to purchase, they still took care of me and gave me options to buy or lease.

My Hard Earned Money

The Highlander Hybrid drove so nice. I drove the Platinum package and I’m in love. I’m sold. That’s my next vehicle as a family man with five kiddos. I’m excited to have found the right vehicle.

When it’s time for me to make that upgrade, I’m going to Ron Tonkin Toyota. For the last year I’ve been searching, but couldn’t find the tie-breaker. It’s amazing how social media created the separation. Or in other words, it’s taking care of the details. It’s no different for entrepreneurs. Details matter.

My hard earned money isn’t going to anyone who doesn’t respond to a question. Why would I give them my business? I work hard for my money. I’d also considered myself a fraud if I’d gone any other way. Social media is how Rebekah and I make our money. I’m going to honor who also honors what I do.

Great job Toyota!

I write this because my business is personal because this service is for the advancement of all humanity. My failures and successes are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA
Business Strategist
Consulting | Social Media | Web Design