DIY Helping Homeless Pt 6

DIY Helping Homeless Pt 6

On Wednesday August 24th, we hosted another DIY Helping Homeless to give our community, friends and family the opportunity to get involved and make a difference. This DIY Helping Homeless turned out to be a great success in the measurement of people getting involved. We had roughly a total of 20 people helping out, setting up, bringing needed items, handing out food, making good conversation and taking down. We served over 60 homeless brothers and sisters on the streets at this event.
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We partnered with Little Caesars on 4th Plain Blvd and NE 57th Ave in Vancouver, WA to provide the homeless with pizza for dinner. They gave us an awesome discount on the pizzas so we could make an even bigger impact. For-profits can do social good too, and that’s exactly what they did!

Thank you to Steven, Little Caesars’ worker, who helped us place the order and get the discount. Another thank you to the wonderful ladies there who worked hard to make the pizzas and get them out the door. Lastly, thank you to Kerry Blake for making a donation in lieu of not being able to attend.

We also partnered with Unity Family Church, who brought people, waters, clothes, and the spirit of the Lord. Their presence, kindness and love was greatly appreciated. They brought, individuals, families and even babies. The whole church proved that no matter how old you are, or what your situation is, you can always help someone else.  A special shoutout to all the individuals who came without a group, but just because they saw and took action. Thank you for making a difference.Serve 2

I do have to say that the people who voluntarily came out that night were the best representation of Clark County. They came to give to others who are less fortunate. They brought clothes, snacks, water, hand lotions, soaps, toothbrushes and so much more! Again, we say thank you those who gave their time and their items. We couldn’t have made that big of an impact without you.

Grateful to Our Helpers

Thank you Debora, Curtis, Pota, Kerry, Val, Olga and family, Michael and his wife, Z, Rachel, Marcine and daughter, Julie and Emma, David and Alma Avalos along with their children, Susan and Junior with their children. And if I’m forgetting anyone, thank you too!

Our goal is to recruit one person a day to participate in a DIY Helping Homeless to share one meal, one piece of clothing, provide hygiene materials, or even a phone call. The simple numbers are 356 DIY’ers will help at least that number of individuals and/or families during the year. We believe it would make a significant difference. Join us in this effort of social good in our communities.

Dream Big and Godspeed!

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