3 Small Business Technology Tips

As a small business, it’s hard to know what technology is best implemented in your company. There are so many tips and tricks out there, which is why I know it can be hard to understand all the benefits. Here are 3 small business technology tips to help clear the air.

1. Put it in the Cloud

It may be a term that is unfamiliar to you. Cloud storage is simply storing information in a secured network versus the older form of storing it in a physical location. The biggest benefit of cloud storage is accessibility. It generally can be accessed anywhere with internet or WI-FI. For a small business owner, this is great.

You’re usually on the run and you need reliable access to your documents and important business-related data. As you’re on the go and making things happen, whenever an update is done the cloud updates the file everywhere. No matter where you go, you’ll always have the latest edition.

While it does have it’s advantages, it also has disadvantages. I recommend you do your own research and decide if it is best for your business structure. This goes for hardware and cost. No big clunky server. No portable storage devices sprawled all over the place. Costs can vary. Make sure you find the right one for you and your business.

2. Go Mobile

You may have thought that you could skip this part of technology. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but you can’t. Going mobile is not the future, it is the present. Yes, it’s now!

There has been a steady increase in mobile users (your consumers) since 2008. The fact is that people are shopping mobile, research mobile and are influenced by mobile devices. Mobile is almost everyone’s best friend.

With this being said, you want your business to be mobile friendly. If you haven’t already made your website mobile responsive, the Google emperors are shaking their head in disgust. You’ll be punished by not having your site highly ranked.

This means less visibility. Lack of awareness. Marketing dollars are thrown out the window.

Ensure anyone can access your website from a mobile device. Your consumers should be able to use it just as efficiently as they would from a desktop. Allow them to learn about you, buy from you, and share the word about you from your website.

The list of benefits of being mobile friendly is almost endless. Here are a few:

  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Provides a Great Easy User Experience
  • Can Convert Visitors to Customers
  • Stand Out Against Competition
  • Improved SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Integration with Social Media
  • New Advertising Opportunities
  • Specific Formatting (users can see the whole site w/zooming in and out)

I think you get it. If you’re not mobile friendly, now is the time. Mobile is everywhere.

3. Simplify with Software

Ten years ago when you started a business, the only software you most likely purchased was the Microsoft Office Suite. Unfortunately, that just won’t cut it anymore. The world of software has exploded for businesses.  There is almost a software for anything. Type in “needed help + software.” I bet you can find software to assist your business in its success. There is the software’s from productivity to management on all levels of your company.

Here are some of my favorite business software’s:

As you can see, there are software programs for accounting, relationship management, and communication. Do some research and look for what works best for you. Ensure you take precaution before subscribing or payment. Once you get started, these applications can be addicting (a joke – I’m addicted to getting things done).

I sincerely hope you found these 3 small business technology tips valuable. I know when I first started my journey as a business owner, this was all new to me. Good luck with your business adventure and I wish you much success!

Rebekah A. Dull, BA
Digital Strategist
Consulting | Marketing | Websites