FFF- Math Isn’t My Friend

Courtesy of TED

Courtesy of TED

It really isn’t that uncommon. According to Change the Equation, three in ten Americans (29%) report that they’re not good at math.  If you’re like me you might have said, “math isn’t my friend.” In other words, I hate math!

Honestly though, I don’t think it’s about whether one is good at math. I think people say they are not good at math because it’s not enjoyable to them. Math isn’t my friend, but I can do it when necessary.

In this Friday Fun Fact, I’ll be clear. Math isn’t my friend while I’m in school, doing homework, measuring liquids while baking or building arts and crafts. But it is when I’m making money. Since I’m still working stacking my paper while I’m in school, we’ll have this hate/love relationship.

To really know how I feel about this subject, I’ve added a picture for you. The picture in this blog is exactly how I feel when I do advanced math. I want the math of making money.

How about you?

I’d love to hear how you feel!

Just because you come from a product of failure, that does NOT make you a failure. You determine that.

Rebekah A. Dull,
Scoliosis Surgery Survivor, CEO of My Life, and COO of My Dreams

Rebekah Dull is the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer at N.W & Associates, LLC. She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, has left but always came back here. She is a Clark College graduate with her associates in Business Administration. Her goal is to provide nonprofits and small businesses with tools and resources they need to bring their companies to the next level. As a business strategist, she helps you identify the processes and procedures you use and how to improve them to reach your business goals. Rebekah also specializes in implementing a digital footprint strategy, including website design and social media marketing to bring brand awareness to your company, nonprofit and for-profit.

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