Building Your Website

Building Your Website

If you’re reading this it must be time to onboard you for a website build by NW & Associates, LLC. Congratulations! You took a step in the right direction for the success of your company. This is the “How To” guide to building your website. In this guide, we will walk you through the upcoming steps. Now, let’s get started.

Step 1: Sign Contract and Review Evaluation

As your website builder, we want to review the evaluation form with you (eg- as the client) to ensure that we’re both on the same page. The evaluation form includes the needs and recommendations when building your website. Recommendations can include the number of pages on your website, specialized menus, widgets and identified required content. In this step, we also decided on the right Envato Market WordPress theme that will satisfy the needs of the organization.

Step 2: Purchase WordPress Template

The next step is specifically for you, as the client, to do. Depending on the WordPress template you have selected, you will need to go to the designated marketplace. For this guide, we’ll use the Envato Market Themeforest. In the designated marketplace, purchase the template.Sign Up

a. First, you must create an account in order to purchase the template. Enter your first and last name, email, username, and password. Check that box.

b. Once you’ve created the account you will need to locate the WordPress template and add it to your cart and check out. Follow the instructions on purchasing to finish this step.

Now that you have purchased the template, let’s download your files. There are two ways of proceeding. Whichever option is best for you, we’ll help you make that decision.

Step 3: Begin Building Your Website on Our Test Site

Thank you for completing step 2. We will now upload the template you purchased to our test site. As we begin building your website, we want to stay in communication with you about the progress and upcoming deadlines. We will give you access to this website address so you can stay abreast to edits, changes, and build your website.

We will continue to work together to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. Being that this is a guide, every website build is different. At NW & Associates, we’ll be looking forward to collecting as much content as possible to create your masterpiece.

We are pleased that you chose NW & Associates for building your website. Let’s make this a great experience!

NW & Associates,
Rebekah and Nathan

Just because you come from a product of failure, that does NOT make you a failure. You determine that.
Rebekah A. Dull,
Scoliosis Surgery Survivor, CEO of My Life, and COO of My Dreams

Rebekah Dull is the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer at N.W & Associates, LLC. She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, has left but always came back here. She is a Clark College graduate with her associates in Business Administration. Her goal is to provide nonprofits and small businesses with tools and resources they need to bring their companies to the next level. As a business strategist, she helps you identify the processes and procedures you use and how to improve them to reach your business goals. Rebekah also specializes in implementing a digital footprint strategy, including website design and social media marketing to bring brand awareness to your company, nonprofit and for-profit.

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