My Birthday Ruined by Red Robin’s Loyalty Program

I’m so disappointed with Red Robin over by Vancouver Mall in Vancouver, WA. For an $11 meal, they have lost my business for life as far as I’m concerned. As a consumer for over 30 years, this breaks my heart that they ruined my birthday dinner all because of their loyalty program and failure to correct their mistakes at the time. Due to my frustration, I vowed to not be upset and complain. I wanted to enjoy my birthday, so my frustration has been converted into a blog.

Here’s what happened…

On Saturday, March 12th my family of 7 people enjoyed a meal at Red Robin. During this visit which was approximately $150 bill for my table, I asked how to set up a loyalty account. Completed the lengthy process with not knowing if I was going to spend my birthday there or not, I finished it and called it good. Two days later on March 14, I was back in my favorite restaurant.

The Red Robin in Vancouver, WA by the Van Mall has been a regular favorite after-church spot for my family since it was built. Almost every Sunday afternoon, we were there! I’ve had dates, business meetings, get-togethers and parties at that very restaurant. For me, that restaurant and Round Table Pizza is an extension of my childhood. So when they denied this benefit to me, I was a little shock.

Therefore, I can no longer support them until they fix their “Red Robin Royalty” program. Not even the manager wanted to credit a burger meal after we spent $60, which is unacceptable. It was for my birthday. As a former Taco Bell Manager, I’ve credited $20 orders multiple times to please a customer. Why wouldn’t she credit $11 for a birthday meal? I work too hard for my money for a “system” to not enjoy my birthday.

Good thing I have a positive attitude. My birthday ruined by Red Robin’s Loyalty Program wasn’t the worse that happened to me in my life. It was a good experience to give my loyalty to someone else. Goodbye for now, Red Robin!!!

I write this because my business is personal because this service is for the advancement of all humanity. My failures and successes are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA