TiAT- Beauty in Change

Let’s admit it, no one likes change. We resist it everyday. Unfortunately, there is a beauty in it if we stop resisting. I give the Turn-it-Around Tuesday example of something that came out of a necessity. It’s basically, life, in one word. This transition wasn’t easy, but necessary so I hand no other choice.

My takeaways of this video is way more than 2 minutes, but wanted to give you a snippet of one my life struggles. Honestly, we can talk about this for 2 days!

From this experience, I had to encountered several more changes without out my consent or approval (lol!). Truth be told, no one has any control of change. It may sound cliche’-ish, but why not embrace change? The beauty in change is that we all must go through it, willingly or not. Change is inevitable.

I’m learning more and more that change is necessary to grow into the person God has called me to be. Let’s be clear, I’m not saying to love the struggle, pain, sacrifice and misery; but embracing the beauty in change will make life easier as you move forward to your destiny. I believe God will take you through a ‘molding’ to get you where you need to be. Accept His calling on your life, and you’ll begin realizing the change occurring before it happens!

I write this because my business is personal because this service is for the advancement of all humanity. My failures and successes are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA

I was born, raised and currently residing in Vancouver, WA. Grateful to have an entrepreneurial life that allows me to use my God-given talents to help others pursue their passion. I'm blessed to be educated (MBA-Operations) veteran (US Marine Corps) who enjoys the community with all my family members (blood and adopted).

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