College Isn’t Just for Smart People

College Isn’t Just for Smart People

Over time, a misconception of the requirements of college have been created. One misconception is that you have to be “smart” to go to college. Somehow smart got correlated to having straight A’s. While straight A’s are great, you won’t be shunned from college because you didn’t graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA. I believe being “smart” has a whole lot more to do with someone’s character rather than their grades.

In my opinion college is for people who are resilient. College will be hard, I promise. You may even fail an exam or two, but be resilient. Put that exam behind you and be the boss of the next one!

College is for people who have a strong work ethic. You will have to take classes that you don’t want to, maybe even one after another. What’s important is that you work just as hard in those classes as the ones you love. If you do that, you’ll succeed.

College is for people who persevere. Most college students don’t just go to college full time. Some have full time jobs, families and children to take care of. Life outside of school will present its challenges. Don’t give up. Persevere through life’s situations and get that degree you want!

Please don’t wait to start college until you have those things perfected, because college isn’t just for smart people. That’s the beauty of college. It will teach you to be resilient, work hard and persevere. To go to college, you have to have the desire, heart, and grit and everything else will fall into place.

Rebekah A. Dull,
Scoliosis Surgery Survivor, CEO of My Life, and COO of My Dreams

Rebekah Dull is the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer at N.W & Associates, LLC. She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, has left but always came back here. She is a Clark College graduate with her associates in Business Administration. Her goal is to provide nonprofits and small businesses with tools and resources they need to bring their companies to the next level. As a business strategist, she helps you identify the processes and procedures you use and how to improve them to reach your business goals. Rebekah also specializes in implementing a digital footprint strategy, including website design and social media marketing to bring brand awareness to your company, nonprofit and for-profit.

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