Nathan A Webster

I’ve always disliked that question in interviews, especially when it isn’t a direct question. “So tell me about yourself.” You know what I’m talking about. As you can see in my video, it didn’t really sit well with me but I don’t want to be rude either.

The other day, someone asked me “who are you?” With a bit of awkwardness, I said “I’m nobody special.” I don’t like talking about myself, so I told a lie. However, I know I have to get over it, but in the meantime this is a great tool. Therefore, let me introduce myself by my electronic pen and pad.

My name is Nathan A Webster. The “A” had to be included because I needed to be unique, which is also my middle initial. In high school, there was someone that had my name and I didn’t like it. I’m sure he didn’t like it either, but it was cool there was another Nathan Webster. And then the internet happened, and I found more Nathan Webster’s all over the place.

I like to think of myself of caring, understanding and sensitive. As a God-fearing Christian, I’m always working on giving God control, walking by faith, and knowing His ways aren’t mine. Otherwise, my style is to participate from the back unless something needs to get done. The people closest to me understand I’m a fierce competitor, likes to have fun, not accepting of mediocrity, and am a visionary leader.

All my life, I’ve enjoyed thriving as a leader in some capacity or another. My desire to help others and allow them to exceed in their potential is my calling and God-given talent. To see a smile or share an accomplishment with someone–once a stranger now friend–is no other feeling. On the flip side, my weakness is helping those aren’t ready to see themselves succeed. It’s an interesting dichotomy because some of the best talkers are some of the best scammers. Regardless, I still believe no one’s perfect and every contribution of love counts.

When I started my podcast, Social Entrepreneur with Nathan A Webster, I got to know myself more intimately while I edited my drafts. OMG- I like to talk way too much, but this was my way of getting better.

I like to ask questions. Learning is one of the best highs outside of praising God and helping others. Being raised in a small wanna-be metropolitan (Vancouver, WA), I believe it taught me to always seek out more.

In other words, I’m grateful to be so blessed but there’s always so much more we can do to discover our human potential.

At the end of the day (one of my favorite sayings), I’m pretty easy to get along with. If you spend more than five minutes with me, you’ll think I’m a pushover. But if you take my kindness for weakness, you’ll hate me.

I’m shy but outgoing. I’m low maintenance but like warm weather and meat. Give me some action, suspense and good biographies movies and we’ll get along great. Be ready to play almost any sport, listen to a diverse set of music, and hear “Praise God” from time to time.

Find Your Greatness,

I was born, raised and currently residing in Vancouver, WA. Grateful to have an entrepreneurial life that allows me to use my God-given talents to help others pursue their passion. I'm blessed to be educated (MBA-Operations) veteran (US Marine Corps) who enjoys the community with all my family members (blood and adopted).