No Shave November

No Shave November

I finally had a chance to participate in No Shave November. My growth started halfway through the month, so I’m pretty impressed. Never before have I grown a beard. It was hard at first because I get ingrown hairs pretty bad, which is why I initially hesitated. Once I started to brush against the grain, the irritation subsided.

Of course I had to take a picture, so how do I look?

It’s different. I’m not sure. I like the clean and sleek look better.

My preferred style is a goatee. The beard game is coming up in style, but it ain’t me right now so I’ll be shaving it off. However, when I shave this time, all of it may come off.

For all those that grow a beard throughout the year, kudos to you. I tip my hat off to you my friends. My attempt to pull it off went well, but I did’t like the hair poking me when I touch my beard. This may revoke my hipster card, but it’s all good. Next no shave November, I’ll grow a full beard without trimming it and see how it goes.

Again, I tried it and now that box can be checked.

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