How to Make a Blog Post

How to Make a Blog Post

Did your website developer leave you hanging and not provide support in learning how to post a blog for your clientele? This is an essay step by step guide on how to post a blog on almost any WordPress template. Please feel free to email me with any questions at nwebsterllc@gmail.com.

Step 1: Login in with your WordPress Administrator credentials.

To get to this page, type in your domain name with wp-admin after it. Once you’ve reached this page, use your username and password that was created. If you don’t have this, contact your website developer. Once logged in you can also add users and change the passwords.

Step 2

Step 2: Posts-Add New

Step 2: Navigate to the “Post” tab.

The post tab is located on the left side of your WordPress website. You should see “Home” and then the “Posts” tab at the top of the page. Hover over the “posts” tab and click “add new”.

Step 3: Add Title and Blog Post

You’ll want to now enter your blog title (I put “Example Title”) and then your blog post
(I put “Example Content”) in the correct sections. The information you type in here will be the information that shows up on your blog page on your website.

Step 4: Enter Various Data

This section helps you with the visual appearance of your post. You can place a background image it or just fill the background in with a color. As you look at our other posts on nwebsterllc.com you see that we use a solid black background. If you see default options, try to keep them. They help position and post your blog correctly. But you can certainly play with it if you want! Another important of this step is to add tags (Bottom right) to your post. Google will pick up your tags and promote using the tags you stated.

Step 5: SEO and Featured Image

Step 5

Step 5

SEO is important for search results. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. You want people to see your blog right? You’ll want to enter in the title of your blog, which I have listed as “Example Title” in the “Focus Keyword” section. You’ll also want to enter your meta description in the designated section. This is a short description of your blog, and it should have your blog title in it. This helps with your SEO. As you can see I almost have all green circles which means my SEO is good for this blog post.

Don’t forget about your featured image! This gives your blog imagery for readers. Pick something that is interesting and relates to the topic of your blog. This image will appear when it is shared across multiple platforms.

Step 6: Publish!

You’ve filled in all the necessary sections of the post page and it’s time to publish it so it shows up on your blog page! Just press the “publish” button and wait for it to load. Once it finishes it will say “Published”. Check it out on your website!

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