Pain Pushes You Until Vision Pulls You

I immediately fell in love with this saying as soon as I heard it. The author of the quote is Micheal Beckwith. Without any research, I began to look at my life and re-evaluating which was pain and what was the vision. After some careful thought and pondering on my life, I realized the pain always told me to move forward to my vision.

The pain you feel is disgusted with your current situation. You almost feel claustrophobic. A trapped or held down sensation. As my mom would say, “You are trying my last nerve.” Whenever I heard those words, I knew I better stop or I would have trouble on my hands. In other words, if you’re unhappy and feeling trapped something has to change.  This is when the vision kicks in.

Having a vision is the spotlight to your fulfillment. There’s a self-fulfilling satisfaction. Some may also call it a peace of mind. When you push fear and pride out the way, your vision will show you the steps to take. Again, when fear and pride isn’t a factor, there’s a freedom-seeking out the vision and completing the actions to see the desired outcomes. Ultimately, those outcomes are your personal endeavors, goals, ambitions, and dreams.

That pain is there for a reason. Listen to it rather than reasoning with it. You have a calling and purpose to fulfill. Walk in it and receive your blessings.

I write this because my business is personal because this service is for the advancement of all humanity. My failures and successes are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA