How To Set Up a Doodle Meeting

How do you usually schedule a meeting with multiple individuals? You first start with sending an email out to the intended parties. You wait several days for the parties’ available schedules. Then you have to scramble to figure out if the schedules match up. Most of the time the schedules don’t match up. Forget that! Let me tell you how to set up a doodle meeting to save stress and time.

Doodle is a technology that solves your issue above. “Doodle is an online scheduling tool that can be used quickly and easily to find a date and time to meet with multiple people” (Doodle). Isn’t that awesome? Let me walk you through the steps of setting up a Doodle event or meeting.

Step 1: Create Account

For this stage, you simply use an appropriate email address for the intended use. If it’s for friends, you should set your Doodle account up with your personal email. If it’s for business partners and future clients, you should set your Doodle account up with your business email addresses, if you have one. Type in your email and create a password. Done! Wait for the email in your inbox.

Step 2: Schedule an Event Or Meeting

Step 2 Schedule an Event or Meeting
Step 2 Schedule an Event or Meeting

After you verified your email you can now log in and schedule an event. The first tab is named “general” and you will type in the title of your event or meeting, then the location and a short description of what the meeting is intended for. You will also type in your name and email. The next tab is “time proposals”. In this tab you type out the possible dates and times for the group to meet. I suggested only doing one or two days with a few time options on each day. This will limit the group from spreading out so it doesn’t look like a checkers board with no one’s schedules matching up. The next tab is “settings” and you can choose whether someone can give feedback and whether you want the poll to be hidden so only the creator of the event can see it.

Step 3: Invite Participants

You successfully created the event with the details and now it’s time to invite the intended participants. You have two options; one is to allow anyone who has access to the link to be involved or only the individual who were invited by email. I personally like to use Doodle for only intended parties to participate by sending them a notification to their email. Then you will type in the emails, and press send.

Step 4: Receive Notification

As people participate in your poll you will receive a notification when they have completed it on their end. This is a great feature which also saves you time. Instead of continually checking Doodle from a web page they send you notifications so you know who participated and who’s left to participate. Now you wait till all intended parties have participated.

Step 5: Choose Date

Everyone has now participated in your poll for the future event or meeting and you can decide on a date and time based on the data collected. Doodle shows your results in a table form so it is easy to read. It’s either a green colored box with a check which is a yes, a red colored box which is a no or an orange colored box with a check mark which is a maybe or could be available if needed.

Now you know how to start a Doodle meeting poll. Good luck!

Rebekah A. Dull, BA
Digital Strategist
Consulting | Marketing | Websites

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